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Message from Mehboob

A message from Mehboob, working for God in the villages of Punjab (in his words with slight editing for clarity to English language readers):

"Greetings in Jesus name to RTN Family -

We are fine here by the grace of God. The ministry activities are running very well, and the people of all the areas are very happy to be able to listen to the word of God and we are seeing their spiritual growth in Jesus.

We visit more than seven areas on a regular basis throughout the week, but it's tough for us to take pictures in several areas because many people do not feel good about this, so we can take pictures in some areas where it is possible for us and the people do not feel uncomfortable about it.

But now when we give Bibles to the people, we will take a few more pictures of the people who will receive the Bibles because you know we have promised many people this week that we will give them Holy Bibles.

We announced to our people in the outreach areas about your November visit. They are very happy for your visit and also we are praying on regular basis for you as you plan to come.

The first two photos were taken in Kala Kalan where I taught from John 11:17-25 on the topic: But I Believe Till Now

In Kala Kalan there are five families we visit on regular basis and share with them word of God. They need Holy Bibles and some families need support for food and some basic needs.

The next photo was taken in Propenagara Village where I preached from Job 19:18-25 on the topic:

Faithful in the Worst Situation.

They are very happy for our visits and give thanks to God for the preaching. Some people share their testimonies about the blessings they get in their lives with the help of the word of God. They want to learn more about God so they need Bibles and also needs kids Bible for their children."

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