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It's cotton-picking time.

Many families in the Sindh villages where Reach the Nations ministers are picking cotton in this season and, therefore, are temporarily living away from home.

Shakeel and Rustam, like good shepherds, ventured out to find and encourage their flock. There were so many places to go, they found it necessary to stay the night and continue into the next day. Below you will see the two of them enjoying breakfast after sleeping in their open-air accommodations.

And here are some of the places they visited:


Rustam had ministered earlier in Sehri, praying for a sick woman who was healed through God's help. This time they ministered together with biblical teaching and prayers.


A night meeting was held in Mirwa as people thanked God for the blessings of the cotton harvest.


Shakeel reports that there was a fire in Misri Shah recently and several families lost their possessions and their homes were damaged. The men gave words of encouragement from Job and Psalms.


In Chhasi, Shakeel and Rustam caught up with the families they usually minister to in Kumb. They are living there temporarily to work in the cotton fields. They men taught lessons from the biblical account of Cain and Abel.


Mirpurkhas is a village near Hyderabad where there was flooding a few weeks ago. All their crops were destroyed in the floods, so these people, who would normally be harvesting now, have no work and no income. Rustam and Shakeel encouraged them from God's Word and prayed for them in this difficult situation.

Pray for the Reach the Nations team as they faithfully reach out to shepherd these small communities of Christians who are often living with great needs.

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God." - Philippians 4:6

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