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Learning Together

Learning Together

For several weeks now members of the Reach the Nations (RTN) team in Pakistan and members of the RTN team in the U. S. have been studying the Bible together. Thankfully, this study is enabled by an online platform that many businesses and ministries have turned to during this time of restricted travel and cautions about in-person meetings.

Not to be hindered in RTN’s goal to train leaders in Pakistan even with many restrictions in place, Gary Finkbeiner, RTN founder, has been leading the virtual study on the book of Romans.

Participants include Mehboob, Irfan, and Adnan in the Sialkot area, Shakeel in Hyderabad, Warren in Colorado, and Peter in Chicago. Other team members will join as they are able.

Gary comments on the significance of this online study, “One of the positive things that emerged from the COVID-19 virus was that it made way for us to challenge ourselves to get a media and online dimension to RTN up and running. This has produced an important development."

Gary leads the group from his office in west Michigan and is more than qualified as a teacher. He has more than 25 years pastoral experience and holds a Masters of Theological Studies (M.T.S.) degree and a Masters of Theology (Th.M) degree in systematic theology, both from Calvin Theological Seminary.

Pray that the team will be encouraged by this study together and equipped to carry God’s message to others in both the U. S. and Pakistan.

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