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The Amazing Work of God

Pacca Chang was a village in Sindh that Rustam and Shakeel had never visited before. The people who came to hear the message are Hindu for the most part and were curious about what these men would have to say. So, Shakeel began at the beginning with Adam and Eve and their fall into sin. Then he fast-forwarded to Jesus who came to earth to die and rise again to atone for the sin of mankind and to offer eternal life to all who believed in him.

Rustam and Shakeel also preached in Kumb, Korki and Mirwa this past month and ministered to various needs.

The great news is that they are continuing to see people accepting the invitation of Jesus Christ to follow him. In In July they had five baptisms of new believers. In August, there were eight more.

Six men and two women, who have placed their faith in Christ, made that decision public this month by being baptized. Many seeds of truth have been planted in these villages over months of time and the fruit of those seeds is beginning to show.

Shakeel also has shared with us several prayer requests.

Please pray for -

This man (shown with Shakeel) who is paralyzed and is praying for healing

This child who is suffering from both physical and mental conditions.

The new believers who have now been baptized.

Others who are considering the claims of Jesus on their lives.

Shakeel and Rustam as they continue to visit these villages and minister to the people there.

Thank you for your prayers!

"I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow." - 1 Corinthians 3:6

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