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The Battle for Food

This family in Hyderabad has been living in poverty for some time now and were hopeful their children could have a better life by getting an education. But they were not able to pay the school fees, so the children you see here have not been going to school for the past year. Additionally, they got behind in their rent. and they had run up a bill at the grocery store.

The scenario was bad, but got worse when the COVID-19 shutdown came, and their meager earnings were cut off. Shakeel had heard about their problems, and had decided to include them in the Reach the Nations food distribution.

When he arrived, he listened as they told him of the father in this family going to the grocery store the day before to plead for food because his wife and children were hungry. The shop owner refused to extend more credit because they had not been able to pay previous bills. The father came home and shared the sad news with his family.

The next day Shakeel arrived unexpectedly at their door with enough food to feed all four of them for a month. We can only imagine their relief.

As the Pakistani government is now releasing many of the restrictions on work that were in place due to the Coronavirus, we are hopeful this family and others like them can return to their jobs and begin to be able to support themselves once again.

Shakeel asks that we pray for this family that they will be able to pay off their loans and, by God's grace, the children will be able to return to school.

"For the needy shall not always be forgotten, and the hope of the poor shall not perish forever."

- Psalm 9:18

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