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Blessings in the Villages

We were pleased to receive a report from Shakeel who has returned to Pakistan from his intensive biblical and theological training in Zambia and is again ministering to many people, primarily in Hindu villages surrounding Hyderabad.

He visited four villages in recent weeks including Ketti, Baggodharo, Korki, and Kumb. In Shakeel’s words, “We found people who want to be baptized in water and want to accept Jesus Christ in their lives.” As a result, he is planning to baptize new believers when he visits again later this month.

Spiritual warfare is a real issue in these areas and Shakeel tells this story from his recent visit to Korki: “There was a woman who was possessed by the demon spirit and (she was) not eating and drinking anything (for) one whole week. We thank God and praise Him always, when we reached there and prayed for her and asked her to remove (the) thread from her neck which was given by a fake magician for healing, but she wasn’t. After praying (with) us, she took a glass of water to drink and people and (the) family of that woman (was) so happy by this. All glory to God!”

Khairpur Church

Khairpur has become a central gathering place for people in three of the villages. We are happy to announce that in Khairpur, we have been able to have use of a concrete block building owned by a Christian businessman. However, the building has no windows, doors, or roof!

Thankfully, a church in Chicago gave willingly and sacrificially to provide funds needed to completely enclose the building. Doors, windows, and roofing materials are being provided with these funds and local people will donate labor to complete the project. In return for this investment, we have entered into a long-term lease for use of the building for Sunday services.

So we have a church! We are praising God for His provision in providing a meeting place that is secure and central to several villages. He continues to move in amazing ways among the people in Pakistan.

Here’s a photo of the building in its present condition:

Khairpur is also the place where we were able to install a water pump recently. The Christians there are so grateful for the available water as they had been denied use of other water pumps in the area due to their faith in Christ. Shakeel also mentioned that the people in Khairpur are very grateful for the visit a few weeks ago by Manzoor, who is oversees much of the Reach the Nations work in Pakistan. He was a great encouragement to those who met with him.

Don’t stop praying. It is only by the power of God and His Word that lives are being changed as people come to know Jesus as Savior and Lord. We praise Him for what He is doing and trust He will continue to protect, provide, and direct the work there.

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