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Worship and Testimony

God's work continues in the province of Sindh where Shakeel and Rustam minister to willing listeners in Hindu villages in areas near Hyderabad. What follows is a brief update of visits which occurred just prior to the recent COVID restrictions.


Families worshipped together in Korki. Thanks to the faithfulness of Rustam and Shakeel, these children are growing up hearing the Gospel and learning to praise God.

Pacca Chang

The work in Pacca Chang was challenged at their last meeting. Two men came in from another village and began to ask the host why he was letting these men (Shakeel, teaching above, and Rustam seated on the left) come into his home. He thought they should be sent away. But, Shakeel reports, the host held his ground and the meeting continued.

Shakeel said, "There are many challenges in the ministry, but our God gives his favor as he wants to see lives transformed for the glory of God."

Pacca Chang is a new area, and the people who come have known only Hinduism. They are learning from the teaching and are beginning to ask questions about the God of the Bible and the spiritual life he offers.


The people in Theri are listening to the teaching and are asking for more. They told Shakeel they wanted to know the whole story of the Bible from beginning to end. He brought a picture Bible and spent an entire hour showing the pictures and telling the stories starting in Genesis and ending with Jesus' resurrection.

Shakeel says this is the first time since he has begun teaching God's Word that someone asked to know more than he was already giving them. He is praising God for the desire of the people in Theri to learn more.


In Mirwa, a man named Bhutta had leprosy. Through the prayers of God's people, he was healed from this disease. At this meeting, he shared the story of his healing and gave thanks to God for healing him.


Shakeel preached about the blind man who received his sight, as recorded in Luke 18:35-43. Then he commented, "This blind man’s life was changed. How good it is when we see people receive Jesus' salvation from sins and their lives, too, are changed. It is amazing grace to every believer and to those who are listening and receiving blessings."

Please pray for these people as many are now unreachable by the RTN team because of pandemic-related lockdowns. Pray they will be true to what they have learned already, will continue to have a hunger for the Word of God, and will grow in their faith.


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