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New and Growing Churches: An Overview

Reach the Nations has been focused on church planting in Pakistan for several years now. We began in Sindh about eight years ago and expanded into Punjab in 2018, with the plan being to engage in evangelism, Bible teaching, and training in the Christian life to help people become sincere and mature followers of Jesus Christ.

We thought you might be interested in knowing that we now have five locations in various stages of church growth and maturity in the outreach areas of Pakistan. Two are established churches with pastors, regular meetings, and programs; and with local leaders who are beginning to support the work of God with their time and talents.


One of the churches is in the area of Khairpur (province of Sindh) and is pastored by Rustam, an RTN team member. They meet in a church building leased by RTN and, from that place, they draw from surrounding villages. Most who attend here are of Hindu background and have come to faith in Christ or are seeking to know more about the Christian faith. Rustam reports that he recently baptized three new believers, and the church continues to grow.


The second church is located in Punjab in the area of DhamoKay and is pastored by Adnan, also a member of the RTN team. This congregation meets in a community building that has been made available not only on Sundays, but also for weekday prayer meetings, youth meetings, Bible studies, and outreach events.

There are three other locations in various stages of maturing:


Shahzaib is working in the city of Sanghar. He has baptized eight believers and already he has identified two couples with leadership capabilities.


Shakeel is focused on planting a new church in the city of Kotri. They have a building they can use, and Shakeel preaches to this congregation every week.

Both Kotri and Sanghar are large cities so they provide the possibility of reaching many people with the gospel message.


Irfan and Mehboob have been working this year to establish a church plant in Daska. They have some faithful attendees, and they are looking for a more inviting and stable meeting place. We believe we will see more growth in Daska once a consistent location is established.

The RTN team continues to visit some of the outlying areas to evangelize and to encourage believers who are there. Some of these villagers are able to come to the churches that are receiving more focused pastoral care.

We will continue to send updates on all these locations, but thought the overview might help you understand the progress that is being made by the grace of God.

Please continue to pray that God will draw many into his kingdom through these churches and the consistent and energetic efforts of the RTN team in Pakistan.

"But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” - Acts 1:8


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