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Helping Where We Can

We have told you about Shahzaib, (on the left in the photo above) the newest member of the Reach the Nations team. He lives in the town of Sanghar where he ministers to a small congregation that is beginning to grow.

The massive flooding in Pakistan has hit hard in Sanghar. Shahzaib, his wife, and baby daughter had to move out of their home due to flooding. Thankfully, they are living with relatives until they can return to their own home.

Shakeel and Shahzaib worked together to assess the needs in this area, especially among the families with whom Shahzaib is working directly. There discovered 15 families in dire need until longer-term aid is able to reach them.

So Shahzaib and Shakeel (on the right in the photo above) went a few days ago to deliver emergency food, plus tarps (red packages) for temporary protection, and mosquito nets (blue packages) to protect from mosquitos while they sleep. The nets are important because, the mosquito population is growing with all the standing water, and these insects carry malaria.

The men report that the rains have stopped, but the water is only gradually receding. The future looks bleak at this point as all the crops in the area have been lost in the floods, so there is no work for the day laborers, and there is very little food.

Most of the families who evacuated are back in their homes, though many have damaged ceilings and walls, and there is mud to contend with.

Shakeel expressed concern for people all over Pakistan as he anticipates food shortages and, therefore, very high food prices.

Please pray with us that God will provide through efforts of Christian organizations, but also through international relief agencies, and the Pakistani government. God has a plan for his people.

If you would like to help with the emergency help being offered through Reach the Nations, you can donate here: Thank you!

"Share each other’s burdens, and in this way obey the law of Christ." - Galatians 6:2


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