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Food: Physical and Spiritual

While Mehboob and his team have been busy delivering food in Punjab (northern part of Pakistan), Shakeel, Rustam, and volunteers have been doing the same in Sindh (to the south and west in Pakistan).

In the picture above, Shakeel is talking to people in the area of Kumb who have come for food packages that will feed their families in the coming weeks. The purpose of meeting was two-fold: First, to give thanks to God for His provision and second, to acknowledge that physical food is important for today, but spiritual food, gained through the Word of God, is eternal.

Rustam (on the left) is shown with one family for whom food was provided. Many Pakistani women, especially of Muslim or Hindu backgrounds, cover themselves completely when photographs are taken. She's not hiding, just being appropriate in her culture.

These men are taking the groceries home to their families. Pray that soon the people in Kumb, Khairpur, and other villages in Sindh will be able to be back at their jobs and supporting their families.

"Let each of us please his neighbor for his good, to build him up." - Romans 15:2

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