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Food for Sindh Villages

You have been reading our updates on April food distributions to Christian villages in Punjab Province of Pakistan. Now we want you to learn about the deliveries made this past week by Shakeel and Rustam to people in need of basic sustenance during the time of COVID-19 shutdown of all jobs normally undertaken by these day-laborers.

The villages in Sindh provinces in which Shakeel and Rustam have been ministering for several years now are primarily of Hindu background. A number of come to faith in Christ in recent years, but their background is Hindu and, therefore, they are consisdered outcast in their country.

To begin the food distribution, Shakeel rented a vehicle and he and Rustam met in Khairpur to purchase basic groceries in bulk and loaded it all for transport to the villages of Ranipur, Kumb, and Korki.

As they arrived in each village, attempts were made to keep people at a safe social distance, but as additional pictures will show, that was not always successful. Our men, though, wore gloves and masks as a safeguard against spreading disease.

As people came for food for their families (enough to provide one good meal a day for a month for each member of the family), Shakeel and Rustam kept careful records of the distribution. Here are representatives of some of the 42 famlies that were helped on this trip.

Taking it home to families who wait:

Thank you for your continued prayers for these villagers in time of great need. And pray for Shakeel and

Rustam as they continually share God's truths with them.

"And let our people learn to devote themselves to good works, so as to help cases of urgent need, and not be unfruitful." - Titus 3:14

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