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Parents' Prayers

Last week in the an isolated village of Pakistan, a young girl was wasting away, lying weakly on her bed. Her parents were very concerned, but didn't know what to do. When the RTN team arrived, Mehboob called upon the available medical help in their area. The family was told that the girl was suffering from malnutrition. and they needed to get her to a hospital for emergency medical care or she would die. The nearest hospital was miles away and without transportation there was no way to get her there.

These parents knew she needed food more than anything else and they had been scrounging whatever they could find after weeks without work because of the Corona Virus quarantine.

They didn't know how to help her, but, as Christian parents, they knew what they could do: They prayed, asking that God would send help. Mehboob, along with Adnan and Irfan, arrived just in time with groceries for their family. Their dying daughter now had hope. They were overjoyed and gave thanks to God for answering their prayers.

We thought you would want to know that story because many of you have been part of the meeting of emergency food needs in Pakistan through Reach the Nations. You have stood with us - by giving and by praying. God has heard your prayers and theirs. All glory to the One who cares for the desperate.

"I know that the Lord secures justice for the poor and upholds the cause of the needy." - Psalm 140:12

NOTE: These photos are representative of those who have been helped and not specifically of the family described in this post.

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