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Meet Dilip

We’d like you to meet Dilip Kumar, a Hindu background believer in Jesus who attends the Reach the Nations church meetings in Khairpur.

Shakeel tells us that Dilip is a motorbike mechanic, providing good service to some of the many, many motorbike owners and riders in Pakistan.

Dilip’s grandfather was a Christian, and, as a result of that relationship, Dilip showed an interest in following Christ. When Shakeel asked him why he came to hear messages from the Word of God, he replied, “I like the teaching from Bible and I want to be baptized in water, too” – just as his grandfather had years earlier.

Remember that in much of the world, being baptized is giving public evidence of faith in Christ and, in so doing, means a rejection of the faith of their families. Sometimes the families are angry about such a clear departure from their faith and will react against the person.

So, Shakeel wisely offered to teach him more about water baptism and following the way of Christ. At some point, we pray Dilip will make a public declaration of his faith and that God will bless him as he continues in his path of knowing and following God.

NOTE: Dilip has given permission for us to use his name and photo.

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