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Staying healthy

We are so pleased the the Lifeline medical team continues to offer medical clinics at our building in Khirpur. Shakeel reports that the chairman of Lifeline, a German mission organization, also came to the clinic to observe the work being done. Shakeel had an opportunity to meet with him. He expressed great appreciation to Reach the Nations for providing the place for them to hold this medical clinic. And we are grateful for their faithfulness in helping to meet the health needs of people in villages around Khairpur.

In addition, Shakeel and Rustam provided informational sessions about the coronavirus in two areas of our outreach: Kumb and Korki. He said they distributed soap to the people, children and adults, and gave instructions about effective hand washing.

Then they prayed together because the people are living in fear of this viral threat.

Let us support them in prayer during this time as well.

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