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Punjab Update

Mehboob, on behalf of Irfan and Adnan who work with him, reports this: "We give thanks God that prayer meetings in all areas are going very well, and the people in all the areas are very happy to be able to listen to the Word of God and experience spiritual growth in Jesus."

This team visits ten villages on regular basis throughout the week and presently they are teaching on the life of Jesus as told in the Gospel of Luke. (The photo below is of Irfan.)

Here is some detail of how they are dividing responsibilities and the topics on which they are teaching:

Propenagara Village

Main Text: (Luke 4: 1-13)

Topic: Temptation of Jesus

By: Mehboob Naz

Bajle Mohallah Village

Main Text (Luke 4: 38-41)

Topic: Authority of Jesus Christ

By: Irfan Naz


Main Text (Luke 5: 1-11)

Topic: Chosen of Disciples

By: Mehboob Naz

Dhamo Kay

Main Text (Luke 5: 17-20)

By: Adnan Khokhar

Topic: Faithful Friends

Mehboob goes on to explain, "We repeat these sermons two or three times in different areas and people of these areas are very happy with our regular visits and prayer meetings. Many times people share their testimonies about our preaching, prayer meetings and their personal Bible reading. They are thanful for those who donated to make it possible for them to have Bibles of their own."

Keep this team in your prayers as they travel (usually on motorcycle), teach, and minister in these remote areas in the province of Punjab.

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