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Six Villages

Shakeel and Rustam visited six different villages in January. Two are regular stops for these men, but four are in new territory. The picture above was taken in Kumb where Shakeel taught about the parable of the landlord and the tenants, challenging the people there, who have been listening to God's teaching for some time now, to respond in obedience to him.

Here, in Shakeel's words is an overview of outreach visits to these six villages:

"We give thanks God for this New Year and for the opportunity to do his work. In this trip to Khairpur we visited six areas for outreach: Two were old and four were new areas. Each village has a different story, but one thing I found in them is that they were hungry for the Word of God. In two areas they listened for the first time about Jesus Christ. In some areas the people said they didn’t want to listen about Jesus, but God gave me wisdom and boldness to share Gospel among them, and they stayed to listen. I believe the Holy Spirit is doing His work."

The picture above was taken in Korki. You can see from the dress that it is cold in Pakistan this time of year. Still the people come and meet outdoors to listen to God's Word. In this village there is a man who has faithfully attended the meetings in the past, but three weeks ago he was struck with paralysis. Shakeel visited him and prayed for him. Shakeel asks that we join in praying for this man's recovery and encouragement.

Above you see a Pakistani musician at an impromptu service in the village of Pirwassin, a new area God has laid on Shakeel's heart. They spent time in worship and in getting to know the people, most of whom are Hindu. Not everyone welcomed the men, but Shakeel shared God's love with them and felt God was blessing their time there.

More music - this time in Ranipur. In this village, Shakeel taught about the wise and foolish builders and urged the people to put into practice the things they learn from God's Word.

Here you see Rustam with a man from the Village of Shah G Machine. The people in this new outreach area were hungry for knowing more about Jesus and interested in receiving Jesus Christ and his messsengers, Shakeel says. Shakeel preached, helping them to think about the goodness of God and his desire for people to trust him to meet their needs, and he encouraged them with the the hope of heaven.

This scene is from Kandeyari where Rustam is teaching the children. Notice all the shoes - removed in reverence for the holy place they have entered. This is a new area for Reach the Nations. Shakeel preached about the entry of sin into our world through Adam and Eve.

Please continue to pray with us for the people of this Sindh region of Pakistan where Shakeel and Rustam faithfully serve. There are many needs including education and health needs. Please pray for the leaders of RTN as they discern God's direction for ways in which we can help most effectively.

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