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Sharing the Joy of Christmas

Christmas is a reason to celebrate and it gives us an opportunity to share the joy with Christians in small villages in Pakistan and to use the festivities as a way to reach out to others with the good news of Christ's birth.

Mehboob and his team provided Christmas celebrations for several villages in the Sialkot area of Punjab. The first was for the people of Propenagara as you see below.


The party included the recitation of Bible verses about Jesus' birth that many of the children had memorized as well as a time of worship and the presentation of a Christmas drama.

The church service was followed by a Christmas Tea Party complete with cake and the giving of gifts to the children. Mehboob says, "All the people and children are very happy and gave thanks to God for our regular visits and for giving them a Christmas party and gifts. Thank you for you support."

Getting ready to cut the Christmas cake.

So thankful for gifts!


In Banwala, people gathered from three different villages. There was a time of worship and teaching from the Word of God. Then Bibles were given to some of the brothers and sisters who had requested them. All of this was followed by a time of sharing together the food and cake that had been provided.

Teaching from God's Word.

Children, dressed in their best, and learning to worship.

Back in Proprenagara

This time in Propenagara, people gathered from three different areas. Again, a time of worship and teaching was followed by the sharing of Bibles, gifts, and Christmas cake. The people learned the meaning of Christmas and experienced the joy of celebrating together.

A special time of Christmas worship.

People came from three surrounding areas for the Christmas celebration.

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