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A Reason to Celebrate!

Shakeel and Rustam invited all the villages surrounding Khairpur to gather last Sunday for a Christmas celebration. Most of these believers are former Hindus. You can imagine the significance of knowing Jesus after years of having no understanding of the Bible, the afterlife, or the possibility of forgiviness and salvation.

They began their celebration with Rustam, shown above, teaching the children about the reason Christians celebrate this day. As you can see below, the children learned their lessons well!

Then Shakeel led the worship service for all who were there and, of course, he preached to them about Jesus' birth and what it means for our lives today and in the world to come.

And, then, all were invited to stay for a celebratory meal. Their dining "table" is the floor (standard in Pakistani family settings). You can see the dishes of food in the center of the group.

In a country that is 97% Islamic and only about 2% Christian, celebrating Christmas is a joy they don't take for granted. We give thanks for the many of you who support this work so we can provide not only good biblical teaching about the reasons to celebrate, but also the special time of fellowship and food for those who know and follow Jesus. A wonderful blessing for all.

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