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Shakeel and Rustam in Sindh

Shakeel and Rustam ministered in three villages late last month. The first was Kumb.


This meeting was held in Rustam's home. Shakeel preached from Psalm 115 about ways in which God blesses His people.

Shakeel was happy to report that the people in this village had returned from working in the cotton fields and were, once again, able to gather to worship God. He said,"It was blessed meeting with lots of people, especially women who were the majority attending the service in this visit. Their culture doesn’t allow woman to come in front of any man, so in the beginning of our work, there were fewer women in the meetings, but the Lord is opening doors and we are finding ways to teach them. People are experiencing change as they hear the Word of God."

He also commented that the children in the photo above are the future and continuing growth of Christianity in this village.

Bhago Dharo

In Bhago Dharo, Shakeel used the biblical account of Jesus calming the storm to teach the people to call on God in times of need.

"We face good times and hard times in our lives, but to resolve the problems, we must find ways to get help. We can ask someone else to help, but if no one is able to take care of our problems, then we turn to the one and only God who always listen our cries and is watching us day and night."

"Because God has authority over heaven and earth, He knows about our circumstances, and He can calm all the storms in our lives." This is a message for the people in Bhago Dharo and for us, too.


The sermon in this village was about the fig tree Jesus cursed because it did not bear fruit and about His cleansing of the Temple in Jerusalem.

After the sermon, one man brought bag of peanuts harvested from his field as an offering to Shakeel. He gave his gift because he wanted to give thanks to God for the work they are doing in the fields. Shakeel says, "This is small offering, but acceptable in the eyes of God because it was given from his heart. We thank God for this outcome from the people who are hearing the Word of God."


In the village of Mriwa, Rustam and Shakeel visited families, prayed with them, and gave snacks to children. Some of the people from Mirwa were working all day planting wheat fields, so this time they sent apologies for not being able to join in the meeting. Shakeel expects they will have completed the planting and will return to the meeting the next time they visit. In the meantime, they are happy to have work.

So many things for which to praise God:

  • People are taking to heart the messages from the Bible.

  • Relationships are being built.

  • Thanksgiving is given to God who provides.

Please help us pray for these requests:

  • That more will convert from Hinduism and come to know and follow Jesus.

  • That physical needs will be provided for, including work opportunities.

  • That Shakeel and Rustam will follow God's leading as they find effective ways to teach and care for the people in these villages.

"I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace." - Acts 20:24

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