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The team returns.

Reach the Nations' ministry team is on their way home from serving among God's people in Pakistan. They are Gary Finkbeiner, Founder and Executive Director of RTN; Peter Negron, Pastor of Pure in Heart Ministries in Chicago; and Timothy Peng, Senior Pastor of the Chinese Christian Church in Lansing, Michigan.

In all, they preached in twelve churches, taught in two conferences, and in one day-long seminar. They also taught at Nehemiah Bible School pictured below:

And met with a former parliament member to talk about possible ministry opportunities with the Pakistan Christian Forum:

And engaged in some strategic planning sessions, seeking God's leading for broadening RTN's ministry in Pakistan:

Thank you for your continued prayers for these committed leaders and for the on-the-ground Pakistani team of Manzoor, Rashid, Shakeel, Rustam, Mehboob, Adnan, and Irfan as they daily minister to the personal and spiritual needs of those they serve.

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