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Putting God's Word in Their Hands!

A few weeks ago, Mehboob (on the left) ad Adnon (on the right) expressed a need for families to whom they were ministering: They wanted Bibles so they could read for themselves about the things they were being taught. Mehboob identified families where at least one person could read and asked for Bibles in Urdu for those families.

Here you see some of the recipients of the first Bibles purchased for their use. Mehboob and Adnon are challenging those who are literate to read their Bibles to their own families and to others in their neighborhoods who may be interested.

For those of you who have given to this project, thank you! You have given a great gift - the gift of God's Word, a pathway to knowing Him better. There are more Bibles (for both children and adults) to be purchased, so if you want to join in the joy of sharing God's truth, simply go to the Support button at the top of the Home page on this website and you will see how you can contribute. Be sure to designate your gift for Bibles.

Please pray for these brothers and sisters in outreach areas who are eager to grow in their faith. May God guide and bless them!

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