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Bibles needed! Will you help?

Rural villages outside of Sialkot in the Punjab province of Pakistan are being reached with the good news of Jesus Christ. Many of the folks there have been Christians for years already. Others are hearing for the first time. Many are ready to go deeper in their walk with God, but they cannot foster their own growth for two main reasons: (1) Most of them cannot read, and (2) even if they can read, they don't have Bibles.

Mehboob, RTN's pastor to these villagers, has identified households who don't have Bibles, but do have at least one family member who can read. They are asking for Bibles and we want to provide them.

We will provide Urdu translations of the Bible for households which have a literate adult and children's Bibles for those families whose only reader is a child. Either way, one person can read to the others and entire families will be able to learn God's truths day-by-day and not just when the RTN team comes in for teaching, preaching, and worship.

There is an immediate need for about 50 Bibles, and we think you may want to help. The Urdu Bibles for adults cost $6.00 each and the children's Bibles are $3.50 each. If you or your family want to help, please go to the link given below where you can make your donation online.

If you prefer to write a check, you can mail it to Reach the Nations Ministries, 10340 East Rivershore Drive, SE, Alto, Michigan 49302. Whichever way you give, please label your donation or check with Bible Project.

Here's the link (highlight, then click):

We at Reach the Nations thank you for whatever you can do to help our brothers and sisters in Pakistan.

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