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Where does it hurt?

Our teams have been visiting villages for a long time now and cannot help noticing the many needs. Some of them are easier to meet than others. Health issues predominate, and our teams are often asked to pray for someone who is sick. Because the villages are remote and people have few resources, getting to a doctor is impossible except, perhaps, in the most severe of cases.

God has been gracious in bringing partners to our work in Pakistan to provide in tangible ways for the people we serve. We are so pleased to announce that Lifetime Christian Development Services, an organization Rustam has been familiar with for many years, is now utilizing our church building in Khairpur to provide free medical services to the people in surrounding villages. The pictures here show the very first clinic.

Imagine what it would be like not to have access to aspirin or antibiotics or simple first aid. That is the way of life for many. We are now so pleased to offer free medical services twice each month under the supervision of a fully qualified medical doctor and staff.

Gary Finkbeiner, Founder of RTN Ministries, says, "We at Reach The Nations Ministries are very blessed to have the Life Line Medical Clinic working out of our new building in Kairpur providing examinations and other medical services for the people of the region. The presence of the clinic and the doctors are a tremendous testimony of the love and goodness of God to the people of city of Kairpur and village communities around the facility."

For those of you who have been praying for the difficult situations faced by the people in these villages, please join us in thanking God for this answer to those prayers.

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