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Faithfulness and Commitment

Shakeel and Rustam visited a new village this month: Janghu. They went because they were invited to come as there were people there who knew of Jesus and wanted to know more. In fact, the man dressed in white in the picture is a believer and was baptized in 2009 by other men who were passing through. But no one has returned to teach him how to grow in his walk with Christ.

Shakeel says, "This man’s son is a friend of Rustam, and he met him somewhere, where he told about his father’s story and that his son also wants to be a Christian. But the rest of the family are still non-believers and are living in the Hindu faith.

"So we accepted the invitation from them and went to meet with these people. Now we will worship in their village and preach the Gospel."

We praise God for open doors, for those who are willing to ask for help, and for men like Rustam and Shakeel who are willing to go. Pray for the people of Janghu.

Shakeel and Rustam also met with the man who was baptized a few weeks ago. He, too, asks for help in his Christian life, but there is no one to help except for these two men. There seems to be much hunger for spiritual life and truth, but so few who are willing to go to these remote areas and keep on going until these Hindu-background believers can grow to maturity as followers of Christ. It is difficult work that requires faithfulness and resilience.

So, please keep praying for Shakeel and Rustam as they work in the Hyderabad area of Pakistan - that they might have wisdom, safety, and God's power working in and through them.

Other villages they ministered in this month include the following:

Pir Bhudro



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