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God's People in Punjab

Mehboob and his team go out several days a week to villages in Punjab to share the gospel, to worship with believers there, and to teach and disciple those who want to follow Jesus more closely.

Those with whom he meets are reluctant to have their pictures taken, so I am putting in a few photos of the general area in which they are ministering. Once trust is well-established, we may be able to post pictures of some of their meetings and activities.

The villages being reached through RTN's ministry in Punjab are the following:

Bijli Mohallah

Ban Wala Mohallah

Mondaykay Goraya



Afshan Road

Boobakan Wala


Mehboob concludes his report with these words, "I, Irfan and Adnan visited these through out the week, some areas visited after 15 days, some small areas we one or two in a same day. Remember us in your prayers."

Will you join us in doing just that? Thank you!

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