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Reaching into Punjab

We want you to meet Mehboob. He is a recent graduate of a Pakistani seminary and has, for some time now, sensed the call of God to evangelism, discipleship, and church planting. He, along with two associates, Adnan and Irfan, go out each week to reach into ten mostly Christian villages in the Punjab area of Sialkot. This village outreach ministry was bought under the umbrella of Reach the Nations late last fall and we are now pleased to be able to share with you what God is doing in this area of Pakistan.

This is a work Mehboob began several years ago and has seen God's hand of blessing on his ministry among these impoverished and, largely, uneducated people. As a minority religion in this predominately Islamic culture, they are often marginalized by society in general. Mehboob and his team are making sure they are not ignored when it comes to spiritual matters. They teach and preach God's Word. They pray with the people who have many needs, and they share with them in the sacraments as they seek to walk with God.

Mehboob says, "We are really thankful to God who gives us strength to reach into these remote areas." He goes on to comment on the warm welcome he, Adnan, an Irfan receive each time they return to the villages. In his words, "People are very happy and warmly welcome us."

He acknowledges challenges, but also God's provision and blessing as the work continues to grow. His report concludes with this request of all of us, "We need your prayers." Please join us praying for this team and the work God is doing under their leadership.

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