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Going to the Fields

It's time for the cotton harvest in Khairpur. Many of the people Rustam and Shakeel normally see in the worship service were not there - they were working in fields where the demands were such they could not break away for a church service. So this past weekend, the two leaders took the worship to them!

They found their congregation in four different places and held two services during the day and two in the evening, making temporary use of a shelter where they were living during the harvest.

One of the challenges they faced was a sick baby - in need of medical care, but, during this time of harvest, too far away to get the needed help. Shakeel prayed for the baby and encouraged the parents. Please continue to pray that they will see God's hand of blessing in their life in restoring this little one to health.

Shakeel reports that the cotton harvest will be completed in the next ten to fifteen days, so soon the families will be back in their villages and the usual church services in the building in Khairpur will begin again.

The pictures you see were from one of the night meetings.

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