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Teacher to Teacher

One of the pressing goals for Reach the Nations work in the great country of Pakistan is to train young Christian leaders who will do the work of evangelism, discipling, and church planting. At least once a year Gary Finkbeiner and others on our team travel to Islamabad, Hyderabad, and Karachi to teach Christians about spiritual maturity and training in leadership. One of those committed young students is Shakeel who has been working with us in outreach for some time now. Last year Shakeel completed the six-month Covenant Leadership Training Institute program of courses in Zambia and returned to the work with new resolve: To teach others what he is learning about God, His Word, and the work of reaching others.

A few days ago, Shakeel, along with another faithful man, Rustam, held a one-day leadership training seminar at our recently completed facility in Khairpur. Their goal: To encourage and train others who God can use to reach into more villages, towns, and cities with the message of God's love as revealed in the Bible.

Here is a brief report of that day in Shakeel's own words:

"On June 12 we had One Day Teaching Seminar on the topics of “Sin & Salvation." The seminar was organized by RTN Ministries and held in the church building Khairpur. The attendants enjoyed the teaching very much and we are very thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ for giving us opportunity to teach and preach the Word of God which changes life and give us eternal life. After the seminar we blessed the attendants with meal and tea."

Then, as a good teacher will do, he sent two of his students from the church at Khairpur, a brother-sister team, to another location in Khairpur to train Sunday School teachers. Again, continuing in Shakeel's words,

"These two young people live in Kumb near our church building, and they also attend the church there. I am happy for this and I want that people take part in church activities. Now these two will help us in the Sunday School in the church. I would to encourage more for the work of God."

Then, realizing the need is for more than just teaching, but also for ministering to very real needs, Shakeel continues with his report:

"I went also to Sukkur City to collect some more shoeboxes for Khairpur village children. It was good experience to meet the new people who were also interested to meet with me regarding the RTN Ministries and our work. God is so good always in His own time."

Paul said to Timothy "And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others" (2 Timothy 2:2). Shakeel is living out that direction day-by-day in Pakistan. Pray for him, for Rustam, and for those they teach. We are praying God will call many others like these men who will learn, put in to practice what they learn, then will teach others.

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