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Learning to Give

Shakeel and Rustam ministered in the Khairpur church this past weekend and taught a new concept: Giving. The people in this area don't have much in terms of money or goods, but Shakeel still taught the biblical concept of giving from what you have. While it is a new teaching for them, a few gave from their meager resources, much as the widow who put in the small coins in Jesus' day. We are praying God will bless this growing congregation as they learn what it means to follow the teachings of God's Word.

At the end of the service, children were given Bible story pages to color - a real treat for them!

The team went from Khairpur to Habib Wand where the musical brothers live and share of their talents in the worship services. Worship is enriched with the traditional musical accompaniment in this village.

Then, on to the small village where we have been able to help fire victims. They had never been told of Jesus before or of his love for them. This week Rustam shared his testimony of how God transformed his life when he believed on Jesus as his Savior and Lord. After his testimony, Shakeel made a clear presentation of the Gospel. Please pray that, as Shakeel and Rustam are consistent in their visits and teaching, many will come from spiritual darkness into the light of Jesus Christ.

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