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A sad loss: Can you help?

Just over a week ago, Shakeel was visiting villages in the Khairpur area to share the gospel and teach the Bible. At a new village, he discovered this tragic situation: Three families were living in this house and the men were off working in the fields when fire broke out The house is not habitable, but, just as life-changing is that the occupants lost everything except the clothes they were wearing.

This picture shows the burned clothing. All cooking pots and utensils were lost as well.

Shakeel reports that the fire was caused by electrical wiring and began at the roof. He says, "This is the only house in this desert area and they are living here and working in the fields as labour."

There were 29 people living in this house: seven men, six women, and 16 children. All of them need help. Shakeel is willing to purchase a change of clothing for each, plus cooking utensils for each of the three family units. He then will deliver these items when he is in the area again, in approximately two weeks. The people will know that these unexpected gifts are from Christians who care about their devastation and want to help.

Then, using this as an inroad into this new village, Shakeel will follow up with visits every time he goes to the villages he has been serving in that area. Who knows what God will do? Our response to this fire may turn many to Him.

Please help us if you are able to do so. We need to raise $500 (that's $17 per person) to purchase and deliver the necessary items. Don't worry if you can't give a large amount - even $5 or $10 goes a long way in Pakistan. If you can give $17, you will provide for one of the 29 who have been affected. Thank you so much for considering a donation to help alleviate their suffering.

Simply click on the Donate button on our homepage and you will be able to give online. If you prefer, checks can be mailed to Reach the Nations, 10340 East Rivershore Drive SE, Alto, MI 49302.

Thank you! We will post an update after the gifts have been delivered.

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