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Updates from Pakistan Villages

The church building we are leasing outside Khairpur is complete and this last Sunday, inside worship services were held there.

Our ministry partner, Shakeel , is very grateful and says this, "My heart was giving thanks to God and happy after seeing the building cover with roof and doors and windows. I am thankful to our God that we have now good church building for worship." He went on to say that he encouraged the people there by telling them that this church building belongs to them and to all brothers and sisters in Christ. It is to be used for worship and for sharing the message of the Gospel.

Shekeel is thankful, as well, because when he travels to these villages, he has to have a place to sleep, and this open-air building was his "motel" for several months. He is much more secure from weather and intrusion now that his on-the-road sleeping quarters has roof, doors, and windows1

In addition to Khairpur, Shakeel and his team, including worship musicians and their instruments, visited four different villages and worshiped in each. The pictures you see give a sense of what those services were like. In the second photo below, you will notice that Pakistanis take their shoes off when they come to worship in honor of the holy ground they are entering.

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