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Finding Worshipers!

Desert climate makes it hard to find work.

Things change with the seasons in many parts of the world and Pakistan is no exception! Pastor Shakeel went with his team for outreach in Hindu villages from September 19-21, but had a hard time finding his people.

What happened? It’s cotton picking season and people in the villages had left their homes to go out to harvest the cotton. They are living in tents or in the open air near the cotton fields until the harvest is completed.

Many of the Pakistanis in remote villages live from meal-to-meal. Having steady work for this season helps to feed their families for a time. We are grateful for the work and their eagerness to take advantage of this opportunity.

In spite of lower than normal turnout, Shakeel was able to hold two worship/teaching services in Korki during this trip and one each in Khetti and Kumb. The response is best told in Shakeel’s own words, “Every adult and child was happy to see us when we reached there to meet and have fellowship with them. We shared the word of God, encouraged them in their hard work, and they even brought some sick women so we could pray for them.”

Thank you for your interest in this outreach. Watch for our next post about a Hindu man who wants his entire tribe to know about Jesus and to hear the messages Shakeel is presenting!

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