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Ministry in Five Villages

Shakeel reports ministry visits to five villages in the Khaipur area last weekend. Those villages were Ketti, Hajji Atta Hussain, Korki, Anmb, and Kumb. We have been able to minister in several of these villages previously and Shakeel is following up with teaching, discipling, and evangelism. Atta Hussain and Anmb aare new outreach areas.

Eight believers were baptized in this visit. This is an important and courageous step for new Christians to take in a country where Christianity is a minority religion. Baptism is a public statement of their faith in Christ and often results in negative reactions by the community, including family members. We need to pray for these strong, committed followers of Jesus.

The worship service in Kumb was held in the church building (still under construction) that we told you about in our last post. We are so grateful to have a central place where people from several villages can meet for teaching, worship, and fellowship. God provided this through donations from the U.S. as well as volunteer labor in Pakistan and it already is becoming a place of evangelism and discipleship.

The photo below shows Shakeel praying with a family in need of healing.

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