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Celebrations in Khairpur

Last month, under the leadership of Shakeel Rahmet, a Christmas outreach was held in two areas of Khairpur. The meetings began with preaching the gospel message focusing on the birth of Jesus Christ, followed by the serving of a meal in each of the two areas. Here is Shakeel’s report:

Goath Bux Ali: This is a place we have visited before, so we decided to celebrate Christmas with the believers and gathered other nearby people to celebrate as well and to share in our food. There were many women, men, and children there with us. We conducted worship and preached about Jesus Christ's birth, sharing the reason Jesus came in this world.

My (wife) Beenish accompanied me on this trip and is shown in this photo seated with the women. They were all very happy. (Note: Beenish and Shakeel were married on December 15).

Kumb: Kumb is where my associate Rustam and his family celebrated Christmas with the people there. They preached the word, worshipped God, and shared a Christmas meal.

We thank God for many people who were there and for having the opportunity to teach them the reason for our Christmas Celebrations. We pray God will do His work through Reach the Nations Ministry and the Great Commission will be accomplished in the upcoming visits to these villages.

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