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Hindu Leader Commits to Christ

Shakeel and his team went to minister in four villages at the end of September: Gangroko, Goath Bux Ali, Korki, and Kumb. He was excited to report the conversion of a Hindu religious leader in Kumb who now wants to be baptized. Shakeel says, "Some other people are also willing (to be baptized), so the good news for us is that God is working in that area and we believe many people will come to Christ . . .". Pray for Shakeel as he revisits Kumb in October and baptizes those who are ready to make a public statement of their faith in Jesus.

A worship service was held in Gangroko, followed by some counseling time helping believers walk in closer relationship to God. Shakeel commented about a significant crisis Christians in Gangroko face, "They have a water problem because, at that area, there is only one water hand pump and it belongs to Muslims who will not allow Christians get water. So they must go far away from their houses to get water for drinking and others uses." Pray that we will have wisdom in seeking ways to address this need.

The team visited Goath Bux Ali, but because it is harvest season, many of the families they had hoped to meet with were working in the fields (where they live in temporary housing until the harvest is over). So, they were able to meet with only three families this time, but with those, they had a time of prayer for specific requests. Shakeel expects a larger turnout at the next visit because the harvest will be finished by then.

Of Korki, he says, "At night we went to have fellowship with the people in Korki. Children and adults were with us and they were also happy because we are visiting them on a monthly basis. We are regularly following up, and asking God's blessing on them."

We are praising God for Shakeel's consistency and for his boldness in sharing the Gospel to any who will come to hear. Please pray for his protection as he ventures to these small villages where people seem hungry to hear the message of Jesus.

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