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Leaders Training Leaders

Shakeel and a friend of his, Brother Hottoo, organized a seminar to teach laymen, pastors, and tutors for an organization known as Open Theological Seminary.

The seminar was held in the village of Mirpur Khas, and sixteen men attended all of whom were from Hindu backgrounds and had converted to Christianity.

Shakeel taught on personal evangelism and used materials he learned during the training he received through Reach the Nations when he attended Covenant Leadership Training Institute in Zambia several years ago. He gives credit for his seminar teaching to his professor Robert Haynes.

These men completed the seminar successfully and were awarded certificates for their competency. We are thankful to God that he not only brings men, women, and children to know him through these ministries, but also is raising up leaders who will continue to train others.

"I will walk among you and be your God, and you will be my people."- Leviticus 26:12


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