Leadership Training: Under Construction!

We are excited to report that Covenant Leadership Training Institute (CLTI), a partner in training Christian leaders around the world, is establishing a campus in Karachi, Pakistan and construction has begun!

Gary Finkbeiner, President of Reach the Nations (RTN), has taught courses for CLTI through the years and hs been instrumental in working with Mike Hayden of CLTI to engage more effectively in training young Pakistani Christians, preparing them for leadership as God calls them.

Shakeel Rhemat, one of the young pastors who works with RTN, completed the CLTI training in Zambia more than two years ago now. Future Pakistani students will no longer have to wait for passports and visas and endure long separations from their families as they will be able to study in their own country. And the cost of sending a student through the intense six-month program will be much less as we will not have to cover transportation costs to Zambia.

The CLTI coursework includes theology, Bible survey, and leadership training at a level far above what many Pakistani pastors are able to attain on their own. We believe that, over time, the Karachi campus will strengthen Pakistani churches and enable spiritiual growth, evangelism, and biblical understanding.

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