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The Team Together

Gary Finkbeiner and Peter Negron of Reach the Nations are winding up a time of ministry in Pakistan where they have preached in churches, encouraged Christians, and where they spent extended time teaching and team building with the RTN men from Sindh and Punjab.

Joining the team at the RTN conference was Mike Hayden from Covenant Leadership Training Institute (CLTI) and Kahlid Adjum, a church leader from Karachi.

The teaching at this gathering focused on preaching Christ from the Old Testament, biblical finances for churches and Christians, and practical matters of management in ministry.

Gary, Peter, and Mike all participated in teaching. The RTN team in attendance included Adnan, Irfan, Mehboob, Shakeel, and Shahzaib. Rustam is a valued member of the team and is gifted in languages related to dialects in Sindh, but he does not speak English so was not able to attend the meetings. Shakeel will share these teachings with him when they can be together again.

The conference concluded with a celebratory dinner at a nearby restaurant. We at RTN are very grateful for several things:

  • The men in the photo above, all of whom made personal sacrifices to leave their families and travel far to participate in this important time together.

  • Manzoor and Rashid who were key in the organization of these events including housing, transportation, and meals. Manzoor, Rashid, and their families are central to the work of RTN in Pakistan.

  • The direction, protection, and enlightenment of the Holy Spirit during these days in Islamabad.

Please pray for this entire team as they preach and teach in various areas of Pakistan, often under difficult circumstances. Pray that the churches being planted will be well established and will long continue reaching out to others around them with the Good News of Jesus.

"May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us— yes, establish the work of our hands."

- Psalm 90:17


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