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Study the Old Testament in Urdu!

(Scroll to end for link to the course)

We are very excited to announce that Our Daily Bread Ministries, in conjunction with Reach the Nations, has created a complete Old Testament Survey course in Urdu. All online. All free of charge.

Rashid Masih, who works with RTN from Islamabad, translated these Our Daily Bread University lectures into Urdu. He then served as the lecturer, reading and recording the translated text.

Now Urdu-speaking people all over the world can access these lectures online anytime, anywhere.

The original lecturer is Dr. Sid Buzzell, who holds degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary, Philadelphia Bible College, and Michigan State University. He has taught at Dallas Seminary, Denver Seminary, and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and is the former Dean of the School of Theology, Academic Vice President, and Professor of Biblical Exposition and Leadership, at Colorado Christian University. He has a thorough knowledge both of the Bible and of teaching. His easy-to-follow lectures provide a good understanding of the entire Old Testament.

Each lecture provides audio, video, and printed components, including complete transcripts of each lecture and guides for those who wish to study on their own or in a group.

This is all great news, but now keep watching for our next announcement: The New Testament Survey course in Urdu will be available soon!

We at RTN are so grateful for the the good people at Our Daily Bread Ministries and their generosity in sharing this Bible-centered teaching with our brothers and sisters in Urdu speaking regions of our world. May God be glorified as his word is taught around the globe!

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