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Idols, Spirits, and Truth

Rustam and Shakeel continue to teach and preach to the congregation in the Khairpur/Kumb area.

They are pleased that men, in particular, seem to be very involved in learning and are involved in discussion after the sermons.

Rustam has experienced a special blessing. He is the proud father of twelve children of his own and has several granddaughters already. But he is rejoicing with the arrival of his first grandson. He brought the baby to the church service where Shakeel prayed for God's blessing in his life.

In Korki, Rustam is teaching the basic concept of worshipping God alone. Shakeel reports that Rustam was forceful in his condemnation of idols because some of the people attending the services in Korki are still Hindu and are worshipping idols. They are praying that God will reach into their hearts to draw them to himself.

In PirBhudro there was a man who was possessed by an evil spirit. Shakeel said was going to magicians for his healing, but also came to the meeting being held by Shakeel and Rustam. They talked with him, shared the word of God with him, and prayed for him.

Then they taught the Word of God to all the people people there. Shakeel says, "They also responded and brought prayer requests for their own healing. We believe God will show mercy and healing in their lives."

Please pray for Rustam and Shakeel as they preach and teach the truths of God in these places.

"The apostles testified powerfully to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and God’s great blessing was upon them all." - Acts 4:33


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