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COVID Strikes

It has been a challenging time for our team in Punjab. Brother Adnan was diagnosed with COVID as was his young daughter. Both are doing better now, but still need our prayers for complete recover.

Mehboob and his wife, Maria, were struck with COVID, and both were hospitalized for several days. Their son and Mehboob's father also had the virus. Thanks to good medicine and God's grace all of them are recovering and gaining strength.

Here is Mehboob's report:

"Praise God we were discharged from the hospital, and now we are visiting again our RTN ministry areas and we are sharing our testimony of new life through the word of God. Our words to the people give them hope. . . . We give thanks God that we are alive and safe by his grace, by the power of the blood of Jesus Christ, and by your prayers."

The photo above is from the area of Jandokay where Mehboob taught from 1 Corinthians 1:18 about the power of the cross of Christ. He reports that the impoverished people in Jandokay depend on day labor and many of those jobs are now shut down because of an outbreak of COVID. Please pray for God's provision.

Mehboob goes on to say, "We are visiting Jandokay on a regular basis and worship with them and share the word of God. They listen to the word of God carefully. These people are very happy and share their testimonies about hope, faith and salvation."

He explains that before he, Adnan, and Irfan began to teach them, they didn't know what it meant to experience salvation through Jesus Christ, but now they understand and some have a new relationship with God through the cross of Christ.

Please pray for these brothers and sisters in the faith.


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