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Celebrations and Worship

The children of Daska were enraptured by the Christmas pageant as they anticipated the celebration of the birth of Christ.

The RTN team visits Daska regularly, but there is no designated building there for their meetings so they sometimes gather in a house that is offered or, more often, in an open area. Because of the cold temperatures and the number of people attending the special Christmas service, Mehboob and Irfan erected a tent and brought in carpets and chairs for seating.

In addition to the tableaux performed mainly by the children, the group spent time in worship and in hearing Mehboob's presentation of the birth of Jesus and God's plan of salvation for humankind.

After the service, they shared Christmas cake, distributed food, and had special gifts for the children.

Mehboob concludes, "We give thanks to God that the people are very happy with this Christmas celebration and that they, too, are giving thanks to God for everything."

While Mehboob and Irfan were ministering in Daska, Adnan was helping the congregation in DhamoKay celebrate as well.

The situation is different in DhamoKay because the local community has built a church and Adnan is the pastor. So they always have a place to meet and, in this case, decorated it lavishly for the Christmas celebration.

Special Christmas and New Year's meetings were held in DhamoKay, where the people celebrated and Pastor Adnan preached from the word of God.

We are grateful to these faithful men who minister to men, women, and children who are learning to know and love Jesus, God's greatest gift.

"Thanks be to God for his inexpressible gift!" - 2 Corinthians 9:15



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