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Shakeel: Sharing the Vision

A few weeks ago, we told you about the Lifeline Christian Development Services team from Sukkur that now uses our church building in Khairpur for monthly medical clinics. This month, visitors from Lifeline's central office in Germany visited the clinic.

Shakeel was invited to go the following day to Sukkur to share Reach the Nations' vision for ministry in Pakistan. He spoke at a Brothership Program which wàs organized by Lifeline, a Christian non-governmental organization.

Shakeel shared about RTN's work in Hydereabad, Punjab, and Islamabad, and about the work of Covenant Leadership Training Institute (CLTI) in Karachi. Shakeel is a graduate of CLTI and feels that the program has prepared him well for ministry.

Shakeel's presentation was well-received and he describes the meeting as a "blessed time sharing God's work with brothers." He is happy about the partnership developing between RTN and Lifeline as God's Word is preached and as much-needed health services are provided.

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