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Meet Mushdaq and Kanwel

Three of us from Reach the Nations had the privilege of meeting this week with Bishop Mushtaq Anjum and his wife Kanwel along with several others from Cross Connecting Network of Charleston, South Carolina.

Mushdaq is an energetic brother from Karachi. He pastors a church and trains men to become strong and effective Christian leaders. He is involved discipling, guiding and using future leaders and in planting churches. Concerned about needs in his community, he has also been involved in community welfare projects such as providing clean water.

Mushtaq has been our primary contact in the greater Karachi area and is presently working with us, Jerry Miner of Cross Connecting Network, and Partners WorldWide of Grand Rapids, Michigan to provide training for Christians who are interested in learning how to establish small businesses with the goal of hiring Christians as employees.

Why? Because in Pakistan, Christians comprise only 3% of the population and, therefore, are often discriminated against in their search for jobs. They are usually relegated to the lowest of low positions in the country and have a difficult time supporting their families. So far Mushtaq has identified 40 people interested in taking the Partners Worldwide training beginning in January of 2017. The translation of the extensive training materials into Urdu is nearing completion in preparation for the January start date.

Kanwel is also a seminary-trained entrepreneur who has been involved since 2005 in a program she developed which helps young women develop skills in sewing, cosmetology, and Bible. We will tell you more about her amazing work in another post.

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