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Good News for All!

Shakeel and Rustam, ministering to people in Hindu villages of Sindh Province, used the season of Christmas as an opportunity to reach out to many in the villages who do not normally attend the church services.

What will draw people in to hear the Good News? Gifts and food. So celebrations were planned in several villages, the story of Jesus' coming to earth was preached, and generous hospitality was offered.

The first place they went was Kumb where they held gathering attended by people from surrounding villages.

Then they went to Pacca Chang

And on to Korki where they were pleased to see the man who was freed from a demon about four months ago.

Then, in Hyderabad and Kotri, Shakeel celebrated Christmas with Sunday School children, some of whom were orphans brought in by Muslim friends.

Please pray for those who may have heard the Gospel for the first time. May they remember the kindness of God's people and think about the message they heard. We are praying that many will realize the truth of who Jesus is and commit to following him.


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