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Burning Christian Homes and Churches

On August 16, extremists formed a mob and attacked Christians in Janaranwala, Pakistan, burning their homes and churches, leaving almost 400 families homeless and destitute.

The RTN team in Punjab wanted to help these families and asked for financial support, which RTN was happy to provide.

After purchasing and distributing basic necessities for these families, Mehboob, speaking also for Adnan and Irfan, gave us this report:

"You know that about the incident which happened in Janaranwala last month when an extremist mob burned 28 churches and about 400 Christian houses.

As at result of this incident, many Christian families spent that first night in the fields and graveyards in fear of death by the angry mob.

Our Christian Brothers and Sisters have lost everything. They have no food, no clothes, and no beds They don't have a single glass for drinking water, a bowl for eating food, a dress for wearing, a bed for sleeping, or a chair for sitting, The mob also burned their bikes and motorcycles.

The Pakistani Government has helped 50 families, but the rest of the families have little support, though surrounding area churches and ministries are doing what they can to help.

We made packages of kitchen items for 20 of the affected families. In the package we put a basket, a container for water, a water set, a bowl set, a tea set, a spoon set, dinner plates, kitchen containers, and many other small things.

We reached Janaranwala and distributed these packages to 20 families in various places.

We are praying for the families we couldn't help and believe that God will help them soon."

We are really thankful to God for RTN and the most kind-hearted people who support RTN for doing God's work here in Pakistan, especially during this time of persecution."

Please pray for these followers of Christ who are being persecuted for their faith. May many step in to help, and may they experience God's comfort.

"Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." - Matthew 5:10

The first photo is taken from a Facebook post on the Al Jazeera website


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