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A New Area of Outreach

Mehboob has been burdened about the food needs in Wania Wala, a village that had not yet been reached with any help during the COVID-19 shutdown of businesses and jobs.

By God's provision, Reach the Nations was able to provide funds to feed 25 families in this new area. These photos show some of the people receiving gifts that will relieve their hunger for a few weeks.

Mehboob reports, "We reached the people in their homes with gifts of food. They told us that they feel so blessed that people reached out to them with food, which now gives them new hope that God is helping them. They are thankful and happy for this great service for them."

Many thanks to all of you who have been supporting this food ministry in time of crisis in Pakistan.

Please keep praying for the safety of our team and for the defeat of the coronavirus among these people.

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