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Mirpurkhas is a new village in which Shakeel is meeting with people and preaching the Gospel. Pastor Shakir, an associate of Shakeel's from Hyderabad, went with him this time and together they worshiped with the people.

The meeting was held at night and, because the electrical power was out, they met in the dark and it wasn't possible to take pictures.

Shakeel said that during worship a Hindu-background woman came in who was possessed by demons. One of the men, Brother Hotoo, shared the word of God, and then for about half an hour they prayed together for her. In Shakeel's words: "Jesus healed her and released her from the evil spirits."

The men continued their prayers asking God to use this woman’s healing to reach other people in the community with the Gospel message. Please pray with all of us for the people of Mirpurkhas!

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