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Gaining Strength

Last month we told you of the Reach the Nations team arriving at a village near Sialkot only to find a young woman lying weakly in bed having been diagnosed as malnourished. The advice was to get her to a hospital or she would die. The hospital is far away, she was weak, and there was no transportation, so that seemed like an impossible request.

But, as hope was being lost, Mehboob, Adnan, and Irfan came with bags of food - enough to feed this girl and her family for a month. Hope was restored as she began to take in sustenance. This picture above is of the same girl taken upon the RTN team's return visit in May. She is up, dressed, and able to move around freely, though she is still quite weak. Here our men pray for full restoration of her health.

Other children are suffering, too, from lack of food. The family shown above asked for prayers for their young ones who are beginning to show weakness and other signs of malnutrition.

The RTN team in Punjab delivered food this month to 50 families; 40 are Christian and 10 are Muslim. By their efforts and the gifts of many, these deliveries have provided food for a month for 227 people in Punjab villages. The food supply they now have will be good medicine.

Keep these families in your prayers as we join them in giving thanks to God for his gracious and merciful provision.

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