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A Partner in Kotri

You have seen many posts about the work Shakeel and Rustam are doing in villages around Hyderabad. In addition to those areas, Shakeel has been sharing in ministry with a Hyderabad pastor named Shakir. These photos show a recent visit to the village of Kotri where several have come to faith in recent months.

New believers are baptized in a nearby river.

Mosquitoes have been abundant this rainy season. Mosquito nets are provided to those in need of this protection.

The people of this area, Shakeel reports, are the lowest caste of Hindus and shunned by most other people. They are learning of God's love for them and He is changing their lives.

One of the men of Kotri believed in Jesus as his Savior and Lord and was baptized about two months ago. He now gathered his family to hear the teaching of Shakir and Shakeel. God is blessing and opening hearts to hear this message of grace and love.

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